Theses and dissertations

2015 – Changes in the structure and functioning of transitional forests in the Amazon associated with forest degradation and transitions in land use. Author: Divino Vicente Silvério.

2014 – Long-term dynamics of soil carbon in management systems in the CerradoAuthor: Eloisa Aparecida Belleza.

2014 – Influence of environmental heterogeneity on palm communities and populations in dry land forests in the Eastern Amazon. Author: Júlia Zanin Shimbo.

2013 – Diversity of bacterial communities of cerrado soil in response to different ecosystem changes. Author: Maria Regina Silveira Sartori da Silva.

2013 Spatial and temporal variation of plant biomass in Cerrado. Author: Sabrina de Couto Miranda.

2008 – Chemical characteristics of streams from the Federal District under different land uses and soil cover.  Author: José Salomão Oliveira Silva.

2008 – CO2, NOx and N2O emissions in soils under different crops in the cerrado region. Author: Êrika Barretto Fernandes.

2009Composition, structure and functioning of a stricto sensu cerrado submitted to the addition of nutrients in mid – term. Author: Tamiel Khan Baiocchi Jacobson.

2006 – Patterns of structure and diversity of woody vegetation related to the spatial heterogeneity of soil water in cerrado in Central Brazil. Author: Joice Nunes Ferreira


2015 – Architecture of crowns of deciduous and evergreen trees in a sensu stricto cerrado in the Federal District. Author: Felipe Eduardo Brandão Lenti.

2015Comparison of foliar attributes related to the use and conservation of nutrients between phenological groups in a cerrado sensu stricto. Author: Pablo Aguiar Saboya

2014 – Physical-chemical characteristics of small drainage in forest of cerrado gallery after the occurrence of forest fire. Author: Fábio dos Santos Miranda.

2014 – Soil organic carbon and growth dynamics of fine roots in a cerrado under management of invasive grasses Melinis minutiflora P. Beauv. Author: Lucas Evangelista Gonçalves.

2013 – Diversity in bacterial communities of Cerrado gallery forest soils. Author: Gabriela Teixeira Rodrigues Lira.

2011– Decomposition of allochthonous foliar debris and nutrient dynamics in a lotic system in the Cerrado. Author: Simone Kuster Mitre.

2006 – Comparison of the microbial community of soils under native vegetation and under different agricultural systems in commercial plantation areas in the central region of the Cerrado.  Author: Joana Dias Bresolin.