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The proposal to create the ComCerrado Network came after the Federal Government initiative to establish the Sustainable Cerrado Program, with the purpose of implementing initiatives aimed the conservation and sustainable use of the biome. The central strategy of the Program was to make the environmental conservation agenda part of the other policies and actions of the Government in the region. Within the scope of the Sustainable Cerrado Program, it was found essential to create the appropriate conditions for the advancement of science and technology for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, since, in the last decades, a significant amount of public resources, and even private partnerships, was aimed at the development of technologies that have unfortunately favored disorderly occupation of the region and with strong environmental and human impacts. Through a joint action of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Ministry of Environment, representatives of universities, research institutions and non-governmental organizations working in the Cerrado biome, the process of creating the cooperation network in science and technology for the conservation and sustainable use of Cerrado has began (adapted text from ComCerrado web site).

Projects Involved:

Sisbiota-Cerrado Network Cerrado biological diversity: structure and patterns

The proposal was structured in seven subprojects: Five of the subprojects for the installation of permanent grids for integrated inventories with standardized protocols and subsequent monitoring of biodiversity in priority areas for conservation of different Cerrado regions (MT, MG, DF-GO, BA And MA). The other two projects refer to: o Survey and modeling of functional attributes of Cerrado plants to evaluate functional diversity in the inventories. O Creation of a microbiological observatory by pyrosquencing of the Cerrado soils microbiota with potential for future biotechnological use.

Coordinator: Mercedes Maria da Cunha Bustamante
Status: Completed (2010-2014).


Cerrado Biodiversity Survey

Coordinator: Mercedes Maria da Cunha Bustamante
Status: Completed (2009-2010)


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